Patient Testimonials

  • “Lauren Robertori, she hands down has made my life 100% better. Lauren is crazy smart, professional, illustrates how to’s through hands-on, photos, charts, and videos.  Writes must needed work comp reports on time and with great detail, this in itself has been a lifesaver. I tell my PCP I’ve never had this kind of effectiveness in sessions.

    She posses intuitive powers without me knowing how to explain things, she assists me in being able to describe the technical nuances.  Intuitively identifying-kneading exactly where the tension and release should be done. Kind, gracious offers her own tools for me! Always a coach and cheerleader, I feel I’m on her team playing for her and me. Thank you Lauren!”


  • I have been in physical therapy at various times through my entire adult life due to sports and athletic related injuries. I would rate the Sport and Spine Therapy of Marin’s – Novato at the absolute top in terms of professionalism, the care for the equipment, the obvious highest quality of all the therapists that work there and the general atmosphere of the place. Particularly in this time of Covid, I felt completely safe in going for my PT appointments as they  took all precautions.   My therapist  Lisa Paradiso  was fabulous!


  • Jessica is wise, a consummate professional with a quick wit that belies the fact that she’s studying your hand with her massage, looking for bumps, lumps, stiffness, etc. the whole time you think you’ve just met your new best friend. Besides that the massage feels great and is the perfect warm up for the exercises she sets out for your treatment plan. Erica steps in to help a person complete the exercises in a truly non-judgmental, lighthearted way. There is no such thing as failure, just progress yet to be made. She’s your next new best friend; funny while she’s watching closely and advising on the best way to perform the exercise for maximum benefit. These two are a great team and best of all, they work together effortlessly for the recipient of their work. Also the reception staff will go the extra distance to get a person set up with a manageable schedule and make sure you have a copy of the dates and times! Fabulous!!


  • After learning my diagnosis from Dr. Akizuki in the fall, I wasn’t sure I was going to play at all this season, and definitely not to the level I wanted to. But thanks to your help, I was able to pitch a full season, finishing with a 0.91 ERA, by far my best season ever. I truly appreciate your time and effort.


  • My therapist at Sport and Spine Therapy is an AMAZING therapist! My therapist brought my back function from almost zero to almost 100% in a matter of 8 weeks of once a week training. My therapist is “all in” and totally committed to her patients and her work; and my therapist is very very knowledgable about muscles, nerves, bones, and how they interact, so that my therapist makes the best choices as to which exercises to use for each individual client. My therapist always provides a worksheet with photos showing how to do the exercises, which also helps a lot. And my therapist is always in a kind and open mood. The facility is always clean and the rest of the staff is very helpful.


  • My knee was initially diagnosed with an ACL tear along with some meniscus issues and I was to get immediate ACL surgery. Upon a second opinion, I was prescribed PT instead of the surgery. I went to Chris Krug at Sport & Spine for the therapy – so glad I did. After 2-plus months of work, my knee and support muscles have responded to Chris’ treatment exceedingly well and I now have far stronger confidence in my physical activities. Chris and the staff at Sport and Spine are all very talented, friendly and professional – a great team to be sure.


  • Mike Mottola is the most talented, committed, challenging and kindest PT I have ever had. His commitment to your self-improvement and getting back to where you want to be physically is apparent every time you walk through the door. Everyone at Sport and Spine Therapy of Marin works hard to get you back to “you”!!


  • Following my knee surgery, I was at a total loss of what to do. With Mike’s patience, guidance, and killer workouts, each week I was able to see improvements and reach new milestones. Thanks for everything, Mike.


  • I can do it all again! And, I know better how to prevent the same thing from happening. I am very appreciative of the high EQ with quantifiable results model Christopher and the team shared with me (and my hamstrings).


  • Mike provided excellent hands-on therapy and the at home exercises complemented the treatment I received. I committed to doing the home exercises and the combination of both enabled me to totally heal from my strained Achilles (which take a long time to fully heal). Thanks Mike!


  • Both my wife and I feel this is the best place in Marin for PT. Great staff who really know what they’re doing.


  • The care that I received at Sport & Spine Therapy of Marin was exceptional. Everyone was helpful and pleasant to deal with. Lindsey Umapathy was the therapist that was assigned to help me recover the full use of my right leg after knee surgery. Lindsey was always very aware of the issues I was experiencing and adjusted therapy as needed to address the subject issues. I would highly recommend Lindsey to anyone needing physical therapy. Also, I need to acknowledge the great help provided by Ernesto in assisting and guiding me through various exercises that made my prompt recovery possible


  • The facility is well staffed and well equipped. The staff, in particular, is competent, professional, friendly and goal focused.


  • There is no better facility in Marin for professional physical evaluations of your conditions.


  • Best physical therapist and training program I have had after 25 years of P.T.


  • All assistants were extremely helpful, friendly and motivating. My PT had a good program that was very helpful to me and the young lady at the front desk is amazing!


  • I feel stronger and safer in my daily activities because of the work the therapists helped me through. Always smiling and encouraging me to push harder. I feel like a better person because of the help I received here! Thank You!


  • Since coming to Sport and Spine Therapy of Marin, I have overcome my fear of falling and I am more confident in my approach to my activities during my day.


  • Because of the exercises given to me by the staff at SSTM, I am more conscious of my stability and core fitness, I feel much better physically and mentally, and I am more confident in my sports.


  • This is the second time utilizing this facility. Staff and therapists are outstanding, genuinely caring people. They are uplifting and nice to be around. The facility is clean and quiet.


  • Sport & Spine Therapy of Marin is the Best. The PT’s and Staff are truly professional and genuinely concerned about their patients’ progress and overall outcome.


  • Seriously, saved my life! Declining and depressed, they pulled me out and gave me the tools to greatly improve my health and get me back to work. Blessed to have the Petaluma staff helping me help myself!


  • Before I started PT at Sport and Spine Therapy, I felt that there was no hope in sight and that the pain that I was feeling would always be there. Now I am able to walk normally and quickly and with very little pain.


  • My PT was outstanding in teaching me how to regain range of motion and build strength. With what he taught me, I will continue to gain more strength in my shoulder and not re-injure myself.