May 17th, 2019

I can do it all again! And, I know better how to prevent the same thing from happening. I am very appreciative of the high EQ with quantifiable results model Christopher and the team shared with me (and my hamstrings).


May 17th, 2019

"Mike provided excellent hands-on therapy. I committed to doing the home exercises and the combination of both enabled me to totally heal from my strained Achilles."


May 17th, 2019

Both my wife and I feel this is the best place in Marin for PT. Great staff who really know what they’re doing.


May 17th, 2019

"The care that I received at Sport & Spine Therapy of Marin was exceptional. Everyone was helpful and pleasant to deal with. Lindsey was the therapist that was assigned to help me recover the full use of my right leg after knee surgery."


May 10th, 2019

The facility is well staffed and well equipped. The staff, in particular, is competent, professional, friendly and goal focused.