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Welcome to Sport and Spine Therapy of Marin

Sport and Spine Therapy of Marin (SSTM) is an independently owned physical therapy practice located in Marin County, California, with clinics located in Novato and San Anselmo.

Since 1987, SSTM, formerly known as Novato Back Care, has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of physical therapy services to our patients. The focus of our practice is on our communities within Marin County and its neighboring counties. Our purpose is to improve the health and wellness of our communities and we have expanded our services to include golf fitness, Pilates, yoga, massage and Wellness programs.

Our physical therapy staff is highly trained and educated with over 100 years of combined experience in the physical therapy, athletic training, and wellness areas. We offer a positive and supportive environment and work with every patient side-by-side to create a plan that helps them achieve their goals.

We are goal-oriented and results-driven! We treat the whole patient, not just the specific injury. We want to be our client’s health coach for the remainder of their life. Come in today to get started on a healthier you!


“Sport & Spine Therapy of Marin is the Best. The PT’s and Staff are truly professional and genuinely concerned about their patients progress and overall outcome.”


“Staff are very professional, attentive, and pleasant. They put a lot of time and effort into helping me.”


“I feel stronger and more ‘safe’ in my daily life activities because of the work the therapists helped me through. Always smiling and encouraging me to push harder. I feel like a better person because of the help I received here! Thank You!"


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